Candida Groom

Candida originally trained in textile design and specialised in hand painting on silk, working freelance before starting a family. When her three children were all at school she took a part-time job in a pottery near her home in Hampshire, glazing tiles as well as liaising with clients and managing the paperwork. She went on to work in art galleries and ceramic studios.


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When, in 2007, her husband’s job took them to Bermuda, Candida enrolled in a workshop for botanical art. The practice of depicting plants in an artistic and scientific way has evolved over centuries and Candida enjoyed the attention to detail that it required. She continued painting botanical subjects and taking classes whilst abroad, exhibiting and selling in Bermuda. On their return to London, Candida signed up for the diploma course in Botanical Illustration and Painting run by the Chelsea School of Botanical Art and in 2016 gained her diploma with Distinction.

Candida works in watercolour and graphite with a keen eye for the surface detail of her subjects, often working with a magnifying class to accurately depict the details of the plant.


Primula Elatior | 27cm x 27cm
Watercolour/ Graphite

Rubus x Loganbaccus | 27cm x 27cm
Watercolour/ Graphite

Acanthus Spiosus | 30cm x 40cm
Watercolour/ Graphite

Hydrangea Arborescnes 'Annabelle' | 27cm x 27cm
Watercolour/ Graphite

Viburnum Rhytidophyllum | 27cm x 27cm
Watercolour/ Graphite

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