Jenny Balmer

Jenny Balmer, previously a model maker and garden designer, began painting at 60. A passionate colourist, her recent work explores collage, studying shape, pattern and colour combinations.

PRICE RANGE: £165 - £280

© All copyright remains with the artist.

Drawing inspiration from early 20th Century modern art, Jenny works from real still life compositions, instinctively recreating scenes by first painting bold colour and pattern onto sheets, then hand cutting and collaging to create striking, abstract assemblages.  Detail is added using oil pastel or ink.

Based in Oxfordshire Jenny has exhibited widely within the local area. She is a member of the Oxfordshire Arts Society and has exhibited at their exhibitions and during the annual Oxfordshire Art Weeks. She has also sold work at the Affordable Art Fair in London.


Pink Bowl Pink Dots | 60cm x 50cm

Sand Bowls Blue Dots and Dashes | 40cm x 50cm

Blue Urn with Black and Tan | 40cm x 50cm

Orange Vessel Black & White | 50cm x 60cm

Red Urn, Blues and Greens | 40cm x 50cm

Magenta Bowl with Black and White | 50cm x 40cm

Blue Bowl Red Stripe | 40cm x 30cm

Blue Bowl Black & White | 60cm x 50cm

Aqua Jug and Vase | 40cm x 50cm

Yellow Bowl with Maroon Stripe 50cm x 40cm

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