Sara Owen studied Fine Art at Wimbledon School of Art, and went on to do an MA in Printmaking at The Slade School of Art.                         

Sara describes her paintings as ‘containers of emotion, carriers of sensation.  The paintings use colour and glazes to compile a memory of landscape, things seen, experiences, a relationship with people,  They are the visual equivalent of an emotional response or mood’.

PRICE RANGE: £300 - £2500

© All copyright remains with the artist.

She uses the known qualities of the experience, often from drawings made at the time, against the unknown qualities of memory.  Memory is subjective, insubstantial and it filters the image through the use of the imagination and colour.   Painting is the junction between the unconscious and the conscious, biography and theory, the threshold between the known and the unknown.

Sara Owen is particularly interested in the edges where colours meet and overlap to create shallow space.  She uses thin glazes, and the geometric structure of the Golden Ratio.   The paintings are abstract which allows the viewer the freedom to make their own journeys, as they view the paintings, mapping them against their own experiences.

Her strong concern for colour, for the pure sensation of it and the pleasure it can give, captures the amazement and delight of the world seen around us and re-presents it.  Her other concern is the mark as the image and the particularity of lines and edges, where shapes meet and form is defined. 


In Amongst the Grass | 45cm x 50cm
Oil on Canvas

Opening Out | 110cm x 90cm
Oil on Canvas

Pebble, Pendower Beach | 76cm x 71cm
Oil on Canvas

Fragment Memories | 100cm x 83cm
Oil on Canvas

Memory Across Time | 110cm x 80cm
Oil on Canvas

In the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon | 45cm x 32cm
Oil on Panel

Cornish Fields | 35cm x 30cm
Oil on Linen

Sailing in the Aeolian Islands | 70cm x 56cm
Oil on Panel

Infinitude of Possibilities | 35cm x 30cm
Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas

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